Every once in a while, technology allows you to discover something that makes wading through all the noise worth while.  This is one such discovery.

Benjamin Harrf is an extremely talented and skilled illustrator.  For his arts diploma examination final, he created a “Deluxe-Silmarillion”; a complete copy of “The Silmarillion”  crafted to look like some ancient tome complete with genuine goat skin binding.

He also has a beautiful way with words.  When asked to talk about himself, one of the comments he made was,


“…my approach to art is very close to earth. You can compare this to a tree: Only with strong roots the tree can grow and unfold its beauty. You grow in two directions – to the darkness of the earth and the light of the sky. But your contact to earth is always closer than to the sky.”



Pictures say a thousand words, so they… um… say – so please, enjoy.

Oh – and you can read about Benjamin Harrf at these links: