Greetings once more fair travelers of the perilous realm!  Last time, we took a look at how to view and participate in our shows that are moving to Google Hangouts.  Now, let’s look at how you can set one up yourself.
First though (there is always a “first” isn’t there?) why might you want to?  Maybe you want to set up an Inklings style meeting to get feedback on a story you’re working on, or perhaps some music.  Maybe you just want to show off some cool swag, or put up your own videos of your gaming, artistic, or other pursuits.  Maybe you want to recruit some others to help promote an area of the sci-fi/fantasy world that you think is under-served but throwing up bit of text isn’t getting any attention.  Perhaps you want to review a book or movie but writing something out just takes too long.  The possibilities are endless!
Now, back to the mundane.
It you want to do a Hangout yourself the first thing you will need is a Google account and sign up for Google+.  You will also need a mic of some sort.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  The one I use was about $40 off of Amazon.  Once all of that is set, in your Gmail account you should see a little camera icon off to the left.  Click that thing to start a Hangout.  A new page then opens up in which you invite people into the Hangout.  In the field in the top left, enter the Google username of the people you want to invite.  From what I can tell, they also need to be part of Google+ to be invited into the Hangout.
Also on that page is a small box with the words “Enable Hangouts on Air” next to it.  To do that, you will also need a YouTube account.  It will prompt you for this the first time you do it.  Just sign in with your Google username and password.  Click that sucker and then click on Start Hangout.
From there, you will see in the stop right a red button that says “Start Broadcast.”
Click that and in a matter of seconds you will be broadcasting on your YouTube channel!
Now, how do you embed the video in you Network blog?  This also is easy to do.
Once your Hangout is started you will see in the top right another little red button that says “embed”.  This will give a URL and HTML code.  Copy the URL and paste it into a blog post and you’ll be all set!
There are a couple other questions you might have.
First, do you really need a camera?  If you want video, yes.  If you just want to do audio or participate in someone else’s Hangout, then no.  It’s up to you and what you want to do.
What of recording?  If you broadcast it, the video will save automatically and remain on your channel for others to view later.
I hope this little rundown is helpful.  If you have any questions or want to test out the process send me a message and we can work something out.