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Network Shows

Middle-earth Network Live Shows

Tuesdays at 10 AM Tolkien Professor
Tuesdays at 9:30PM Random Fandom
Wednesdays at 8 PM Grail Quest Book’s “The Quest Cast”
Fridays at 9 PM Warriors of the Westfold
Fridays at 10PM Beer and Popcorn
Saturdays at 9:30 PM A Casual Stroll to Mordor

Sundays at 4:00 PM Fellowship of the Creeps


Random-Fandom-thumbnailTuesday, January 15th 9:30 PM EST

Join us and Middle-Earth Network Founder and Social Media Coordinator Paul Martin as we discuss just how we got involved in this monstrosity of coolness and maybe some updates on what we can expect in the future.

Random Fandom Blog


war-racing-blockWednesday, January 16th

Windy Acres Ranch: Winter Derby (2013)

Place: Thorin’s Hall, main gates.
* Horse Show – Participants will be judged on the originality and color coordination of their outfit, how well it matches their mount, and how dramatically it is presented. The audience will vote for the winners.
* Horse Race – A medium-length course with several dangerous cliffs and stairs.

wotw-logo-150x150Friday, January 18th at 9pm EST

Warriors of the Westfold – Snowbeast Smackdown!

Who would win in a Battle Royale with the Frost Giants, Mr. Freeze, the Abominable Snowman and others?  Tune in to find out!  Oh, and Viking and Rifflo will be swinging by for a visit!

beerpopcorn_logo_smallFriday, January 18th at 10pm EST

Beer & Popcorn Podcast:

We go back to the 1980′s again, this time with a little flick called Explorers.

Beer & Popcorn Blog


Recurring Events and Topics

war-racing-blockWindy Acres Ranch

Windy Acres Ranch Riding Team – Formation riding practice at the Horsefields north of Bree, every Wednesday at 9:30pm ST.

Riding Team Extra Practice – Optional formation riding practice at the Horsefields north of Bree, every Saturday at Noon server time.


Sunday, January 20th

Fellowship of the Creeps

Every Sunday at 4pm Andang leads the Fellowship of the Creeps, the scourge of the free peoples on the Landroval server. Check out his YouTube channel for past episodes.


Weekly Screenshot!

No!  No! Not in the face!


literature-tapestry-mugsNew to the MyMiddle-earth Market!

Literature Lovers Mug

Tapestry Mugs!


We’re Expanding our Fellowship and we need YOU!

Please contact us if you’re interested in any of the follow positions.

  • News Director for the Network’s Legendarium Sci-fi and Fantasy website
  • Web Programmer with expertise in php and mysql
  • Linux Apache Web Server Administrator
  • Illustrators specializing in manuscript illumination or Celtic, Insular, Anglo-Saxon or Gothic styles
  • Calligraphy artists
  • Craftspeople specialising in leather bookbinding

Defenders of Middle-earth!

Become a TRUE Defender of Middle-earth! Middle-earth Network has grown tremendously in the past year and we have many exciting projects underway in film, music, and media that we have the opportunity to invest in, and make a reality. We are inviting anyone who is interested in growing our Community and would like to make these projects an integral part of MyMiddle-earth to Join the Fellowship!

Tools of the Trade

Free Teamspeak Server

If you are looking for a way to organize interactive events for your group on the Network, your kinship in LOTRO, or you just want to hang out, check out our free Teamspeak server. It’s a great way to plan and discuss upcoming events with the friends you’ve made here at MyMiddle-Earth.
Teamspeak server instructions

What is the Community Crier?

The Community Crier is the MyMiddle-earth weekly update on the latest events and announcements happening within our community. If you would like your event listed here and mentioned on the companion Community Crier radio segment, please submit a Calendar Event to the appropriate Group (e.g. if you are hosting an event on the LOTRO Landroval server, post a calendar event in the Landroval Group and we’ll get it added here) or if there is not a Group created for your event, you may leave a comment below. The most recent Community Crier events and announcements can always be accessed at communitycrier.me.