As many of you have noticed, a number of images on your individual Profiles such as avatars and images on our social site,, have gone missing. This was due to the inadvertent deletion of image folders. We were able to restore all images prior to 2013, unfortunately, it appears we will not be able to restore images uploaded in 2013, specifically from December 25, 2012 through March 29, 2013.

This affects the following images: ALL Profile images including your avatar, any images you uploaded for your Profile CSS, all Profile album images and any and all images you’ve uploaded to your personal MyMiddleEarth Profile account.

This does NOT affect images you have uploaded to a personal blog, it only affects images directly associated with your MME Profile and the domain.  Subdomains, such as are not affected.

I take full responsibility for this and will continue to work to retrieve them. It is my recommendation however these images be considered “lost” and that you restore them from any local versions you may have. I will be reviewing our backup and retrieval procedures so that hopefully this does not happen again and that there are safeguards in place to limit the loss of content.

My sincere apologies.

If anyone has questions or concerns or would like to discuss, please message me.

Thank you,

Update:  Our host provider was able to restore most of the “2013″ missing images.  It’s possible some were missed and/or unretrievable so per above, you will need to re-upload those from your local files if you have them.