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Network Shows

Middle-earth Network Live Shows

Tuesdays at 9:30PM Random Fandom

Wednesdays at 8:00PM Grail Quest Book’s “The Quest Cast”

Fridays at 9:00PM Warriors of the Westfold

Fridays at 10:00PM Beer and Popcorn

Saturdays at 5:00PM Fellowship of the Creeps

Saturdays at 9:30PM A Casual Stroll to Mordor




cstm_logo_smallTuesday, April 16th – May 6th

LOTRO Sixth Anniversary Festival!

The festival has been extended.  Hurray!



beerpopcorn_logo_smallFriday, May 10th at 10pm EST

Beer & Popcorn Podcast

Goldberry joins us for a thorough examination of none other than John Carter.

Beer & Popcorn Blog


Recurring Events and Topics

war-racing-blockWindy Acres Ranch

Windy Acres Ranch Riding Team – Formation riding practice at the Horsefields north of Bree, every Wednesday at 9:30pm ST.

Riding Team Extra Practice – Optional formation riding practice at the Horsefields north of Bree, every Saturday at Noon server time.



ardaTolkien Spotlight

If you have not been to the Encyclopedia of Arda you really should.  It is a treasure trove of information about the entire world Tolkien created.



Roz’s News Roundup

Thanks to the efforts of fellow Random Fandom co-host and all around groovy dude Roz, we shall now have a round up of some of the highlights from around the network. Take a look at what he’s put together.


legendariumLegendarium News

Invitation to LOTRO Bloggers by John DiBartolo
John talks to LOTRO bloggers about importing into the MyMiddleEarth Network.
Posted by Steve “Rifflo” Fitch on Apr 27, 2013

eFiction: The Next Evolution in Short Fiction.
eFiction Magazine is one of those places where readers can find
great stories.”
Posted by victorialadybug on Apr 28, 2013

guardians-of-the-galaxy-movie-logo - CopyGuardians of the Galaxy Part I: Background
“‘What’s a Guardian of the Galaxy?’ Read on and find out!
Posted by theviking on May 1, 2013

koru-300x240Oloris Publishing Celebrates First Anniversary with the Launch of New
Imprint Koru Books
Oloris Publishing celebrates its first anniversary.
Posted by Arwen on May 1, 2013

Own A Copy Of ‘Tree And Leaf’ That Was A Gift From Tolkien
A signed copy of the first edition of Tree and Leaf is to be
auctioned for charity.”
Posted by eviebowman on May 2, 2013

LOTRO-Helms-Deep-logo_thumb-300x159Turbine Announces New LOTRO Expansion
“Turbine has announced a fifth expansion for the epic online world of
Middle-earth, scheduled for ‘Fall 2013’.”
Posted by Rachel on May 3, 2013

Partner News

legendariumArctic Fire 2013: Artifacts from the Present
The second annual Arctic Fire swordsmithing invitational will be
held in Anchorage, Alaska on May 27-31.”

The Tolkien Professor
A Cookbook for Middle-earth!
SOTS-Adevnt-logoShadow of the Stars
Shadow of the Stars Kickstarter Campaign Planned for Early Summer.”

Fan Highlights / Featured Groups


Moot of the Muses

May 9th features the Return of the Mute of the Muses! Join us on the Teamspeak server to meet some of the great creators on the network and learn about our new Creator Classifieds.

The Yellow Tree
“Alice, an archaeology student and Tolkien enthusiast.”

“We build worlds. That’s what creative people do.”

Film & TV Fiction
“Fiction in tv and film is what we’re here to discuss.”

Maintenance News

Plugins updates for blogs
“We’ve made some changes to the plugins available to all our users.”
Posted by cheeseshirecat on April 28, 2013


periodictable_22x17_sm-300x231Another fine collaboration from Oloris and LOTR Project!

Combining chemistry and Middle-Earth, we have The Periodic Table of Middle-Earth.


We’re Expanding our Fellowship and we need YOU!

The Middle-earth Network is constantly looking for people who are excited about the network and would like to get involved. No matter your skills, be they artist, audio or video editor, web developer or programmer, reporter, salesperson or writer, we may have somewhere you can help.

Please contact us and let us know where you might like to help.


Defenders of Middle-earth!

Become a TRUE Defender of Middle-earth! Middle-earth Network has grown tremendously in the past year and we have many exciting projects underway in film, music, and media that we have the opportunity to invest in, and make a reality. We are inviting anyone who is interested in growing our Community and would like to make these projects an integral part of MyMiddle-earth to Join the Fellowship!

Tools of the Trade

Free Teamspeak Server

If you are looking for a way to organize interactive events for your group on the Network, your kinship in LOTRO, or you just want to hang out, check out our free Teamspeak server. It’s a great way to plan and discuss upcoming events with the friends you’ve made here at MyMiddle-Earth.
Teamspeak server instructions

What is the Community Crier?

The Community Crier is the MyMiddle-earth weekly update on the latest events and announcements happening within our community. If you would like your event listed here and mentioned on the companion Community Crier radio segment, please submit a Calendar Event to the appropriate Group (e.g. if you are hosting an event on the LOTRO Landroval server, post a calendar event in the Landroval Group and we’ll get it added here) or if there is not a Group created for your event, you may leave a comment below. The most recent Community Crier events and announcements can always be accessed at communitycrier.me.