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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 6, 2014 Over the past nearly four years, the Middle-earth Network and the My Middle-earth social community have been shining beacons in the online fantasy literature, film, and gaming communities.  During this time, a great many wonderful people have joined our ranks and become like family.  Some of these dear friends […]

We have begun incorporating new forum-based discussion software which as many of you know is to replace the old and outdated Groups we used to have.  You can visit the new forums here: mymiddleearth.com/forums/ or by clicking the “Forums” link above in the navigation bar. We only have very broad forum categories at the moment but will […]

Hail friends – MyMiddle-earth is a social network for fantasy & sci-fi fans where you can build your own free website/blog and interact with other fans and content creators. One of the prized features is if you are an active blogger, you can host your site on MyMiddle-earth and your posts go into a “FB-like” […]

Greeting friends!  As part of our efforts to recognize the many contributions that help make Middle Earth Network great and informing people about them, we’re now going to be featuring some highlights from our partners at Essential C.S. Lewis every Thursday.  We’ll be looking at podcasts, articles on Narnia, quotes, examinations of Lewis’ scholarly work […]

  As some might have noticed, our episodes have not been showing up on iTunes for a while.  Fortunately, we have transitioned to a new hosting service for our podcasts and we are now back.  It will take a few days to get the backlog taken care of but as soon as we catch up […]

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