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Archives for The Lost Archives

As mymiddleearth.com has undergone significant renovations, we’ve uncovered a series of “old” posts made by our users back in the days when blog posting to the main MyMiddle-earth blog was open to all. We have since moved away from that format, and instead we now allow each of our users to create their OWN blog […]

Written by My Middle-earth (MME) member theViking. Greetings again sons and daughters of the free peoples of Narnia and lands beyond! Today, we bring to you an interview with someone who should be well known to many members, Josh Radke, co-founder of Grail Quest Books. While Josh is certainly known in this capacity, what may be less well known is that […]

Written by My Middle-earth (MME) member theViking. Welcome back to the featured website…feature.  This week we have not one, but two blogs for you, both run by Network member Leslie!  Leslie runs The Landroval Times which is a site featuring player submitted events on the Landroval server and Whispers in the Dark which focuses on her own little tribe of […]

Written by My Middle-earth member, the chadillac, aka “The Chad”. Welcome everyone once again to our Member Spotlight. Well they say that great things come in pairs, well perhaps not that set of Noah’s Ark steaknifes… Nevermind that, I have two interviews for the price of one! I get paid for this right? … No? … Well […]

Volume 11 Entry 5 Pineleaf Needles here for Spear and Skirmish. Last week we looked at a cold-blooded killer. This week’s lieutenant is simply cold. This week’s lieutenant is a frost grim. The word “grim” is certainly appropriate. As for frigid, it sends a chill down my spine every time I see one. The first […]

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