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Joining the MyMiddle-earth Community is FREE but for those that would like to support the Network and help us bear the costs of server upkeep and adding/maintaining features to our community can become a Piper of Dreams!


Become a Piper of Dreams with Middle-earth Network!

3 and a half years ago Middle-earth Network was founded. It stemmed from a shared vision the Founders had.  In brief that vision was that they could unite a group of creators (or sub-creators as Tolkien expressed) into a solid unified group of people who believed that there were underlying truths the world needed today.

That these underlying truths were best conveyed through the medium and genre of fantasy. That the art, literature, and music of these sub-creators transcended religious and political ideologies.  In short the platform of fantasy (and sci-fi it’s sub genre) inspired us to embrace the very things we’re lacking in today’s societies.  Honor, friendship, compassion, perseverance, tolerance, & community.

In 1915 Estella Canziani painted a picture entitled ‘The Piper of Dreams’.  It became a phenomena that year, and over 250,000 reproductions were made. Thousands of these were held by servicemen in the trenches of World War 1, where it reminded them that there was something beyond the day to day drudgery of the trenches, and indeed it was believed to be something of a talisman.

Our goal was to unite a community of like minded visionaries in a way where we could promote their works, and cause them to feed into each others works, thereby gaining their individual messages a greater distribution and following.  So when we promote the Middle-earth Network, or ask people to ‘join us’, we’re asking people to work with each other to realize our common dreams.  We chose to do this in such a way that, while we are united, each individual retains their independence, and ownership, and total control, over what they are doing.

Your ongoing support enables us to create, develop, and grow what we’re all doing here.
Join with us to become today’s ‘Piper of Dreams’.

Hoping to host a blog on that has unique storage or theme/plugin requirements?  Contact us and we will be happy to discuss possible unique arrangements for you! Our network is based on WordPress software.  If you are unfamiliar with how to use WordPress and wish to create a site on, reading these tutorials will be most helpful.  Before becoming a “Piper of Dreams”, it is recommended you review the Website Terms of Service as well as our Privacy Policy and  Network Terms of Service.